Welcome Back to the Web Development Scene!

1 Mar


After a period of reflection and rejuvenation, I am thrilled to announce that I am returning to the world of web development with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Some of you may remember that I took a step back from this field some time ago. But now, I am ready to embark on new paths with my knowledge and skills.

My main focus remains on developing plugins and applications for the WoltLab Suite Core (WSC), now exclusively targeting version 6.x and above. Old plugins will undergo careful scrutiny to determine if they can be further developed for WSC6 to provide added value.

Additionally, I am open to new challenges and ideas. My goal as a developer is to turn my visions into reality and create innovative solutions.

I am very excited to be back in this fascinating industry and to explore new avenues together with you. Stay tuned for updates on my progress and projects on my website.

Best regards, Marco Daries aka xDeraiser"